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Sounds totally wonderful! Well Done Phelim and everybody. I am only sorry I can't join you, but I am certain it will be a gathering to remember. As always seems to be the case!


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Dear Open Space friends,As many of you know our company Improbable have been on a big caper using open space for the last 14 years in our Devoted and Disgruntled events and in our practice of making theatre. It’s the culture of our rehearsal room and it’s how we make shows. If we work in an institution as part of making our shows we try and open a little space here and there...www.devotedanddisgruntled.comMy initial interest in OS was first sparked because I recognised that it was essentially another name for that other practice which runs through my work and life:IMPROVISATION. As far as I saw it OST was one big elegant Improvisation game. It just covered some of the aspects of my life Improv didn’t always get a look in on. With that in mind I’m aware that many of you also share an interest in Improvisation perhaps you use it, teach it or are fascinated by it. So I wanted to let you know about an international event Improbable are co hosting next year. The global Improvisation Initiative is happening in May next year and is an international gathering of all those interested in Improv in all its manifestations and applications. Two days of the conference will be held in open space. A Wosonos of Improv if you will: all details are here.   [https://www.improbable.co.uk/portfolios/global-improvisation-initiative-2019/]It’s open to anyone and there are still a few weeks left to get in any kind of paper, presentation or proposal if you desire. You may have something to propose around OS and Improv.. who knows? Here’s the blurb...“In sectors across the business and creative worlds, old models of cause and effect are becoming obsolete. We are beginning to acknowledge the complex and chaotic nature of the systems that surround us. Flexibility, fluidity, spontaneity and real time responsiveness are the essential qualities needed for this accelerated world. The future will belong to those who can improvise best.” Phelim McDermott & Lee SimpsonIn May 2019, the Improbable/iii will be co-hosting the Global Improvisation Initiative – a global gathering of improvisers, coming together to work on the theme of AWARENESS. It’ll take place at Middlesex University in London from 15th – 19th May.Would you like to be involved? We’re currently inviting calls for proposals from improvisers, teachers, makers, performers, researchers and students from any field to consider the symposium theme of “awareness.” We are interested in proposals across a range of formats, including performances, talks, workshops, presentations, papers, panel discussions, making and craft-based sessions, roundtables, or any other format you’d like to suggest. Expressions of interest should be 150-250 words, and the deadline is Monday 15th October 2018. You can read more about the GII and how to submit a proposal below. Tickets to attend the GII will be available later this year.You can read more about the conference and how to submit a proposal here [https://www.globalimprovisation.com/call-for-proposals-2019]Maybe see you there...Love Phelim x-----------------------------I generally pick up emails only at the beginning and end of the working day. I am currently aiming to respond the following day. If it is urgent please call me on 07956 187298. ___________________/////////////Sent from my iPhone_______________________________________________OSList mailing listTo post send emails to OSList at lists.openspacetech.orgTo unsubscribe send an email to OSList-leave at lists.openspacetech.orgTo subscribe or manage your subscription click below:http://lists.openspacetech.org/listinfo.cgi/oslist-openspacetech.orgPast archives can be viewed here: http://www.mail-archive.com/oslist@lists.openspacetech.org
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