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Lucas – seems to me you moved north? And I always appreciate your energy from whatever point on the compass. I pretty much gave up blogging, but if you want to add to your resource base you might include (however you might do that) www.openspaceworld.com … “papers” or “books”  And – for whatever it is worth… I always answer emails. ho


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Hi All,


It is neat reading the current discussion thread by Michael Herman (Aug 28) and Gail West (Sep 13) about vTaiwan, the opengov & open source movement in Taiwan.

I think there's a powerful intersection between open space and the "civic tech" movement (civic tech definition: tech built for the public good).


Toward that end, I publicly released the Fabric: The Civic Tech News Feed <https://fabric.qiqochat.com>  which shows the stream of news from these 870 blogs and news sources related to civic innovation <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AYieWKwWwlRwiylyWmy4bW1HAjgdjbqkKczeFkgwics/edit#gid=1530106954> .  Here's the link to bookmark if you'd like to see all posts tagged with  <https://fabric.qiqochat.com/news_feed?tag=dialogue&return_to=/news_feed> "dialogue" (50 in the past two weeks).


I want to help spread the word about OST to civic tech folks, so if your blog isn't included the 870 news sources (link is above), please let me know!


PS- I'm going to start hosting 30-minute Zoom video breakouts sessions for the civic tech movement every two weeks, starting this Friday at 12:30pm Eastern (cost is $3/month).  Please refer to the first news feed link above if interested.

Lucas Cioffi

Founder, QiqoChat

Hastings on Hudson, NY


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