[OSList] What is y/our biggest vision for OST ?

Tom Brown tgb417 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:02:36 PST 2018

Thanks for your comments. The impression I have had after listening to the little chunk of podcast and reading you note.
Is that the family of self organizing approaches would come together at WOSonOS. Not just Open Spacers, but folks who do lean coffee, bar camp, scrum and agile, and the list goes on. (I’m not sure that I know all of the different klans of self organizing approaches.)
And when we come together we conduct a number of experiments on ourslves about mixing and matching form, cross pollinating ideas form the various forms of self organizing gathering and working. And do a bunch of reflecting and considering about what OST V2.0 might be? It may be that we have found the perfect product in OST V1.0 But it might be that through the gathering of all of the groups to conduct these kinds of experiments and reflections we find some other options that might be good in certain situations. Or something else.
We might have a theme around building / discovering a V2.0 OST

--Tom Brown tgb417 at gmail.com

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 6:33 AM, Marai Kiele via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
Dear colleagues,

Are you interested in fresh thinking regarding OST?
Are you interested in making it better?

I recently participated in the WOSonOS planning meeting and ever since I’ve been wondering:
What could make me eager to go to Iceland?

Right now, I am not eager. Yet.

I have already been to three WOSonOS (2003 in Svenmark, 2005 in Canada, 2010 in Berlin) and several OSonOS.
I don’t need another OST just to share some practices, experiences, stories.
Just to see old friends (while I love meeting old friends!). Just to make new friends (while I love making new friends!).

But none of this evokes the desire to go to Iceland for WOSonOS from me.
How about you?

So I’ve been contemplating:
What would I need to happen there, so that I create the money and time to go?
What would need to have evolved, so that afterwards I will celebrate having been there?

Today I listened to a podcast by Seth Godin, who I appreciate for his honest and brilliant approach to marketing.
Regarding the grandest possible vision for OST I invite you to listen to 1 minute:


Stopp what is playing automatically
Scroll down to the episodes and start „The Grand Opening"
Listen to 10:57 - 11:58

Please take 1,5 minutes, listen first, than continue reading. Thank you.


So referring to what he shared and applying it to OST:

Can OST actually be made better?
I know there is a strong perspective of every change = making it worse.
I once thought that way. Not anymore.

What if there actually were many things to make it better?
Be it in the format, the marketing, how it is integrated into business…

So that we relax and trust that… slowly and naturally… some day soon… everyone is going to know about it?

And what could this year's WOSonOS have to do with it?

Just wondering…

Any thoughts, feelings, further questions?

PS - some of you may remember me:
I am located in Germany, back on this list after many years of absence. I was pretty active in this community starting in 2003… Left several years ago.
One: I wasn’t learning as intensely as before and had a sense that the space for fresh thinking was closing.
Two: Other topics captured my passion, including the Genuine Contact approach - which integrates OST and made it better ;-) - so I believe...

With curiosity to explore together,


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