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Dear friends and colleagues who work with Open Space Technology,
Ever so long ago (1997) and not so far away (Ontario, Canada) a few of us
came up with a new society that we named The Dead Moose Society. I came
across the invitation again just now doing some research....and want to
share the invitation with you...just in case it has interest to your heart
and sense of humor, and just in case you haven't yet come across this

in genuine contact,
Birgitt Williams

Dead Moose Society

*You are invited to join The Dead Moose Society*

                Beware all of you in the world of Open Space.  Another
entity has formed and we are extending an invitation to all of you to
participate. At an Opening the Space event in February 1997 in Ontario,
Canada, we discussed the importance of living our *truth*, with good heads,
good hearts, and extending care and compassion out into the world.  We then
talked about the hazards associated with living this way.  What happens
when collusion (co-illusion) is named?  What happens when a truth that
everyone knows about but no one ever talks about (except for parking lot
gossip) is named?  What happens when Space is Opened and truth surfaces?

                At first glance, the answer would seem that the air gets
cleared and life goes on better that before.  Our collective experience has
told us that this is not so.  It is more common that the truth teller comes
to harm, is targeted for harm somehow.  Or Open Space itself is called into
question, with people being so angry about the *truth* having come out,
that they end up being angry at the Open Space process that they say “it
didn’t work, look at what resulted.”

                So . . . we identified that all of this was like having a
dead moose under the table.  Everyone knows it’s there, it smells, maybe
has gathered flies, is sickening, but no one wants to say the obvious.  And
we decided that Open Space is to be honored for putting “*the dead moose on
the table*” so that it can be identified and appropriately dealt with.

                And thus we formed the Dead Moose Society as an adjunct to
the Open Space Institutes and all good Open Space work everywhere.  The
purpose of the Dead Moose Society is to get the Dead Moose on the table
wherever we can, and to support each other in efforts to do so.  The
principles that will govern our Society are:

                Harrison Owen’s four principles for Open Space:

                1.   Whoever comes is the right people

                2.   Whenever it starts is the right time

                3.   Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

                4.   When it’s over, it’s over

                As well as Angeles Arrien’s four laws of Spirit:

                1.   Show up and be present

                2.   Tell the truth

                3.   Follow what has heart and meaning

                4.   Let it go

*The Invitation*

                Please form your own Dead Moose Society when needed (NOW
isn’t such a bad time) with whomever you can interest in this very
important work.  They must be people who are willing to take risks, have
courage, have vision, and enjoy community.  And be committed to living by
the principles as above that encourage us to be about our own truth also.


                The first meeting of this first group took place in a pub
in Unionville, Ontario on April 16th, 1997.  That sets a possible tone for
where other Society meetings should be located - a good pub.


                We would like to say there are none, but for those of you
who try to live your truth, and who have tried to name truth in an
organization, you know the price can be very high - nothing less than your
soul sometimes.


                Whatever happens, playfulness is certainly essential.  We
all need to come forward with the abundance mentality of giving and
sharing.  For us, some of the agenda items of our first meeting included:

v  Where did the dead moose come from anyway?

v  The loudest burp

v  When moose(s) extend their mating call, do we try to mate with them?

v  What is the plural of moose?

v  How do you spell carcass?

                We brought fun items along - a moose caller, a moose
puppet, a moose statue - the list goes on and on.  We formally signed a
register and pretended like “Robert’s Rules of Order.”  To sign the
register, we each took on a moose name.  So much hilarity happened that
poor Robert’s Rules fell to the wayside, and we actually got a lot done.

                As you might guess, with the help of humor, the real Dead
Moose stories came out - very painful, very serious.  We support one
another to carry on with bringing truth into the workplace.  And because we
are able to laugh, amidst the tears, we are able to hold on to the space
that Open Space and truth need, to bring healing into the organization.

*Stay in touch*

                If you have a Dead Moose story to share or if you start
your own “chapter” of the Dead Moose Society, please let us know. Just for
the record.

                Contact Birgitt Williams at birgitt at dalarinternational.com


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