[OSList] Challenging times (Wosonos)

Kári Gunnarsson kortleggur at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 03:09:55 PDT 2018

 Hi Oslist

 I am exited about the Wosonos 2018 in Reykjavík this October (22. - 24.)

 My aspiration for this event is that we can, together, with our difference
in practice, look towards the future and make what we have to offer better
availability to tows that are looking. There are challenging times ahead
for many people and organizations and I understand that the need for ways
of peace and prosperity are urgently felt.

 So, what do you say?
 Are you ready to register?

 with best regards

 I have been dealing with a health problem for a few months, but I
recovered two weeks ago by changed diet.

 I am now going on a hike in the mountains for a week and might not be
reachable while I am there.

 Feel free to contact Hjördís is on our support team in Iceland Travel are
taking care of the registration and food at the venue and will help with
hotels and suchlike. her email is conferences at icelandtravel.is

 The registration page is here:


*Kári Gunnarsson *
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