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Rolf F. Katzenberger rolf.katzenberger at gmx.net
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sometimes I use a specific setup to help an org/core team refine their
intial "raw" question. Essentially, it's 5 people (or 5 pairs, groups,
...) assuming one role, each:

 1. IT - represents the need and the purpose
 2. I - represent the caller(s)
 3. YOU represent ta single (!) person receiving the call
 4. WE - represent the relationship between the Is and the YOUs
 5. FLOW - represents the flow & lifecycle of IT, and of the open space

Whatever format for a conversation these 5 people choose, they'll be
refining the raw question along the lines of the meta-question: "As one
of these five, what do I need to feel myself represented well by this

This leads to all kinds of interesting discussions, like:

  * IT wants to be more open, e.g. "hey, we're already imposing a
    conclusion on the YOUs!"
  * I want to be more visible, "those folks want to see a living person
    behind the call"
  * YOU want to feel appreciated and attracted - there's not enough in
    it to convince YOU to come yet
  * WE want to be something new, together - what kind of relationship am
    I inviting YOU to?
  * FLOW wants this to be less restricted / confined / pre-arranged, "WE
    are still in our infancy, folks..."

...and so on.... Just remember to talk about what each of the five wants
more of, instead of what it wants less of. Otherwise, alternative words
will have a really hard time emerging.

Usually, it also pays to have a limit of 12 words for the question
(suggests that you make decisions and avoid the
committee-phrasing-syndrome; set priorities; stay open), and many times
it's even helpful to use the Fridge Magnet technique (stick large post
it with one word each to a wall, put alternative words in columns, play
with it in the group, always keep the full question in sight and see
what it feels like).

In the end, seek consent (no severe objections to the refined question),
not consensus (everybody is very fine with the refined question). If
there is consensus among the 5, there is no need for an open space, I'd
say ;-)

Just my 2 cents, maybe it's helpful.

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Craig Gilliam via OSList schrieb am 11.06.2018 um 15:35:
> I do not post often, but I read the Open Space Posts regularly and
> find them thought-provoking and helpful. Thanks! 
> I practice Open Space in multiple contexts professionally and in my
> own person life. Am a strong believer in what it creates and invites
> from and out in others and myself. . .
> When I begin with groups, I regularly hear, "What makes for a good
> question?" I have my responses, but want to hear what you have to
> say. I am looking for suggestions, thoughts, ideas, resources (books)
> etc., that you would recommend to help people/groups identify and
> write helpful/good theme/intention questions for OS conversation. What
> are the qualities of a good question, and what are some resources you
> suggest?
> Invite your thoughts. Thanks to anyone who has some thoughts or
> suggestions on this.
> Thanks,
> Craig
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