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Kind of connected...

This year's global gathering of Wiki people at Wikimania has the title
" Bridging
knowledge gaps: the Ubuntu way forward
<https://blog.wikimedia.org/2018/02/05/wikimania-cape-town-ubuntu/>, "


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> Dear OST-community,
> WOSonOS 2018 Bridging the Divide: How are we meeting the challenges of a
> changing world?
> Place & Date: Reykjvík Iceland, October 22-24
> Please head over to the registration page to read more and sign up:
> https://events.artegis.com/event/WOSonOS_2018
> We reserved a few hotel rooms in a hotel nearby and these are available on
> the registration site, but many of us are renting an Airbnb or staying in
> other accommodations close by.
> Gamla-Bíó is our venue: https://goo.gl/maps/dDPdoV2jcZE2 ... The original
> plan was to have the event in Harpa, looking at the price led to the idea
> of moving the event to the close-by Gamla-Bíó. I am particularly happy that
> we manage to do that and lower the registration fee in the process.
> The local currency is ISK (Icelandic Króna), you will get about 105 ISK
> for each USD $ dollar, or about 125 ISK for each € Euro.
> The flight time to here from New York is about 6 hours, and from London it
> is about 3 hours. Flights to Iceland are cheap.
> With best regards,
> The Wosonos 2018 Team
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