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Birgitt Williams birgitt at dalarinternational.com
Tue Apr 3 10:13:09 PDT 2018

Dear friends and colleagues,
Some of you joined us for the online workshop about Planning for Highly
Participatory Meetings. I am an advocate of a well done 'planning' meeting
to assist our clients develop clarity about what they are inviting people
to...and thus to provide sufficient information to those being invited to
make an informed choice about whether the meeting is something that they
with to attend.

This method of planning is suitable for conversations with the sponsoring
group for an Open Space Technology meeting, a meeting using Whole Person
Process Facilitation, or other participatory meetings such as World Cafe.

Now, let me get to the part of this story that is about going back full
circle about the planning meeting. A delightful man Joergen from the
Netherlands said, what you are teaching here is not actually about a
planning meeting....it would be better if you called it 'preparing the
ground'. He went on to say that during the meeting the ground was being
prepared with the leaders for a carefully considered meeting AND the ground
was being prepared for making the most of the outcomes of the meeting.

I laughed at myself. Why in the world had I ever started calling this a
'planning meeting'??? In my early days with Open Space Technology and Whole
Person Process Facilitation, I had adopted a concept that originally came
from Harrison about  'preparing the field'. Way back then (yes, some
decades ago) I had a friend draw a picture of 'preparing the field' and I
used this picture in my original workbooks as a necessary step. Thanks to
Joergen, I am back full circle to a 'preparing the field' meeting.

I am attaching the picture. Artist is Virginia Burt, landscape architect.

And if you wish to learn Whole Person Process Facilitation as a great
complimentary method to OST, I have an online workshop coming up
next Friday and taking place for three consecutive Fridays. It is a great
method to use when carrying out a 'preparing the field' meeting, and for
any other time that a more guided approach than OST is needed...yet
retaining the same principles and values as OST.


Birgitt Williams

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