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Dear Open Space Lovers! 

Open Space is so great because it works in complex situation, even when there is high conflict in the room.
My all-time favourite example is the Open Space Technology meeting with 100 Imams & 100 Rabbis Harrison facilitating, and Michael, Yaari, Dominik, Susanne, Daniel, (???) and myself supported in Sevilla in 2006. 

The theme of the Open Space was: "Imams and Rabbis for Peace” - I assumed there would be a lot of conflict in the room (and I think there was) but this did not stop the participants from dancing, being creative and joining actions. Open Space Technology worked amazingly. :) That’s why I love it! 

And sometimes there are situations where a conflict is not resolved after the Open Space, but it becomes clear that (two) people need to talk in order to resolve the conflict that would otherwise damage the whole movement of the community / organization, etc. 

For this instance Birgitt Williams has come up with a Conflict Resolution Meeting methodology. It gets taught in the Advanced Workshop of the Genuine Contact Program // Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution. Doris Gottlieb and myself are offering this workshop in the Netherlands in October and April and we would love if you join us! Or let people know who might like to learn about it. Here are all the details: https://www.dorisgottlieb.com/workshops/ <https://www.dorisgottlieb.com/workshops/>

much Love
Anna Caroline 

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