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Anna is correct. But maybe I am poetically sound?  Anyhow, I just love the
way Our Great Mother opens our space – just when we think we have it all
under control. And of course, “Wherever it happens is the right place.” Or





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Dear Open Space People,

Hopefully the timing for this question is not inappropriate given how Nature
is creating open space all over in rather forceful ways. But maybe this
would be a useful diversion from watching the path of Irma.

I've really enjoyed using the fifth principle and believe it is very helpful
especially helping people realize that they are not confined to meeting and
scheduling meetings in the allocated time slots, and to extend the
boundaries of Open Space where they belong - whenever, wherever!

I've only just seen that there are actually two phrasings. I've been using
Anna Caroline Türk's phrasing which I think fits the rest better.

Wherever it happens is the right place.

But the original email
489573.html) from Harrison Owen phrases it:

Wherever it is, is the right place.

I'm thinking maybe there is deeper poetry in Harrison's phrasing and that I
will revert to that in the future. But I do love how Anna put it.

What do you all use for the fifth principle?

    Thank you and Warm Regards!

On 12/17/11 10:16 AM, Anna Caroline Türk wrote:

Dear all! 


this year we talked and shared our insights about the fifth principle:
wherever it happens  – it is the right place. I like the 5th principle a

On the German List the topic just popped up again. That's why I feel
inspired to share my gained insights with you all.


My interpretation goes like this:


Wherever it happens is the right place...

it can be at this meeting today, it can be in your city, in your country,
(on Tahir Square) ...

or simply in your mind/brain/head and heart.

be prepared to be surprised!


wherever it happens is the right place!


much Love

Anna Caroline




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