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I have done dozens of conferences in OS, as have probably many of us. Is there something you are looking for specifically or an application in mind?  And particular kinds of stories?



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> Hi Open Spacers,
> I want to collect a few stories from people who  have facilitated conferences in Open Space. This might be an entire conference beginning to end OR a partial conference (for example, where a day of OST was added at the end of a more traditional conference design).
> A short paragraph of your best story(s) would be great. What was the conference? When was it? How many attendees? A few comments on the design. i.e. was it the whole conference in OST or only part of it.
> For example, here is one from me from recently:
> I facilitated part of a conference in 2017 for the Uniting Church called Gospel Yarning.  Seventy participants. The conference ran over four days. The design was unusual in that each morning was in OST format. Then in the afternoons they had traditional seminar presentations and pre-planned small group work. As the  OST facilitator I had nothing at all to do with the afternoon sessions so as to avoid role confusion.  All the market place time slots for the three mornings were set up right at the beginning of Day 1. Then on days 2 and 3 we met in the big circle for morning news and then moved into self organised conversations. Despite the odd design it worked brilliantly and everyone was happy with the results. The South Pacific islanders from Tonga and Fiji completely loved it and went away all fired up about doing Open Space in their communities.
> Thanks
> Michael Wood
> Perth, Western Australia
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