[OSList] Where does the name OST come from?

Michael M Pannwitz via OSList oslist at lists.openspacetech.org
Fri Sep 8 00:18:02 PDT 2017

Dear Anna Caroline and all you lucky others in Amsterdam,

yes, Doris and Thomas got it right.

For a detailed account, see page 22 of "Expanding Our Now".

It was his friend Mahesh who introduced him to a bunch of journalists 
gathered in Bombay after the Open Space event in Goa:
"This is Harrison Owen, the founder and practitioner of metaphysical 
management and Open Space Technology. Harrison, would you please explain 
this and describe what you actually do?"

Luckily, Mahesh got out of this without having been beaten black and 
blue and OST stuck.

Knowing Harrison is still in dreamworld I am sending you this from our 
time zone.

OST is simple, right, but once you get into the practice you find its 
not easy. When that happens, it is comforting to know that there are 
books such as "Expanding Our Now" to explore open space more deeply.
Of course, nothing beats practice!

Greetings from Berlin

Am 08.09.2017 um 00:17 schrieb Anna Caroline Türk via OSList:
> Dear Harrison and all OS Elders,
> can you please remind me how the name Open Space Technology came into being?
> Doris and Thomas recall an interview where I man in India added the word 
> ‘technology’ - has that story happened?
> And where does the ‘open’ and the ‘space’ come from?
> Thank you!
> Love from a great OST training where we have people from 7 different 
> countries and 4 continents.
> :)
> much Love
> Anna Caroline
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