[OSList] Where does the name OST come from?

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One likely story... My old copy of Harrison's first book about Open Space
(1987) has every page marked where he uses the term "open space." None of
them are referring to the meeting method that we now call Open Space!

The original meaning is more about "the open space between what was and
what might become" (p. vii)

The book examines in detail some of the dimensions of a transformation in
the life of an organization or a community. How does an organization "cross
the open space" between a form that is dying, and a new form emerging?

How do we create a fertile "Open Space in which Spirit can freshly appear,
grow, and experience its growth as meaning?"

I love this book and Daniel Mezick has been recently promoting it strongly.
It's a tremendous source text called "Spirit: Transformation and
Development in Organizations."

So then: Open Space the method is an answer to these questions!

HHO can tell us when the method took on the name. Before, during, or after
the first time it was used, the third Symposium on Organization
Transformation, in Monterey California, in July 1985?

The Technology story... I recall it was kind of a joke by the sponsor of a
business conference in India... Adding the term to find a way for the
gathered business journalists to take more seriously this strange new/old
method for gathering, being used in the conference... But as with all good
stories there are more dimensions...

San Francisco

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> Dear Harrison and all OS Elders,
> can you please remind me how the name Open Space Technology came into
> being?
> Doris and Thomas recall an interview where I man in India added the word
> ‘technology’ - has that story happened?
> And where does the ‘open’ and the ‘space’ come from?
> Thank you!
> Love from a great OST training where we have people from 7 different
> countries and 4 continents.
> :)
> much Love
> Anna Caroline
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