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Anna – I think you may have misunderstood – at least me. Un-attached to outcome (for sure), but PASSIONATELY attached to the freedom and dedication to those who search for such an outcome. They alone, I believe, will ever find the RIGHT conclusion for THEM. 




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Dear all!


I am just picking my favorite part from the 'Open Space in Charlottesville’ conversation - this part about LOVE, because I have been contemplating this “love and detachment thing” in the last couple of weeks.


It’s late at night here in Amsterdam, where I am getting ready to give an open Space Training with Thomas Herrmann and Doris Gottlieb and should much rather get some sleep. But hey, I am on fire.. ;)


So let me share my thoughts: 

I have noticed, that even though Michael M Pannwitz, Yaari, Harrison you have been so great teachers for me, standing for non attachment – I find myself standing somewhere else.


I am not detached. I am fiercely in love with Open Space and my clients, I am engaged in helping them getting more aware of their limiting believes, the ways how they sabotage themselves and others and how they think too small, too negative, too positive, too lame. 


Yes, my love for Open Space and my clients is passionate, intense and lasting. And yes, I will radiate that through my presence. 

That doesn’t mean that I  will talk more or louder or more intense. 


I don’t talk a lot at all - to be precise. But I will not leave my passion outside the room. I will bring it all in and from that place of total surrender to my passion for Open Space and my clients I will gently and happily show up with all my love - for Open Space and the participants who came to learn and remember and explore and discover more about Open Space and themselves and the world and much much more…. including the power of love and passion :) 


So yes, I am super excited and I hope to share more from the Open Space Training - we’ll start on Wednesday.


much Love

Anna Caroline 






my inspiration from 'Open Space in Charlottesville’ 


Birgitt Williams wrote: 


not so sure that there is such a thing as 'loving indifference'.


Love is....passionate, creative, life force and more.


Love plus detachment from outcome is a useful way for the facilitator to be. 


However, there is nothing wrong with positive expectancy......for the best possible outcomes, whatever they may be.


I was picking up that it was not so useful to be in expectancy that community OST may not lead to actions. 








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