[OSList] How to organise self organisation - a learning journey? - A story about 20 years of Learnings about public engagement in Vorarlberg, Austria

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Yeah!!!!  Great video story!

For me this says so much about dynamic living process,  the processes of
engagement,  participative government,  emergence, that focus on what works
and allowing those with the "direct"  experience,  (history of living)
within a particular context to share their perspective knowing together
with others doing the same.   I call this living process "aliveness-making."

Thank you for sharing this good news of self-learning,  from the speaker's
own process of "unlearning"  as he lets go of controlling from top down to
recognizing what works does not require "experts"  or lots of money. He
learns that people who are alive in the context being given voice in what
they experience, directly know about the issues they are living and are key
resources for alive-making..

Relations of relations is key in this self-organization;  knowing the other
through choosing to act, to be in action together around an issue or issues
all participants are being impacted by.  With the "passion"   and
"urgency"  comes the desire to act, to act together, to call out the
"sense"  of the whole knowing, to access the greatest full awareness of the
issue and then through direct experience of process, the "good"  of the
aliveness making process spreads because it is sensed by all who experience
it as good for all.(alive-making for all)  Even those in government can see
the good in this alive-making process. Those who have as their "valuing
process"  the need to solve arising problems want to be successful, to find
effective action to provide solutions.  Those holding such valuing of alive
making processes get to win at what they are trying to do.

Of course, if there are a few in power who want to try to control the
masses in order to stay in power/over,  there is much to learn in how this
has been tried/done as well.  Keep those without money, resources,
information/knowledge separate and divided so they do not believe they can
be responsible for their own knowing acts of effectiveness.   Dumb down the
education system,  control the communication sources,  keep factions of
differences at war with one another, destroy leaders who can value
diversity and bring diversity into collaboration, participation, who
promote such action of aliveness making, greatest aliveness for greatest
whole aliveness.

The key antidote to such attempts at power over is promotion of adult/adult
government/people relationships of equal valuing of all life, promoting the
experiencing of such aliveness-making.

i appreciated in this video/story that the learning by the speaker was
continuous,  as life keeps changing,  so learning new acts of effectiveness
will keep emerging.  The uniqueness of each living arena requires
continuous learning and learning sharing,  aliveness and aliveness
sharing.  What is key here are values of organizational knowing by
organisms knowing their "self-knowing"   capacities to create again and
again new orders of acts for keeping this aliveness thriving, not just

Thank you so much for this video story.  Thanks also to all in this OST
community who are continuously sharing emerging self- knowing.

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> How to organise self organisation - a learning journey? - A story about 20
> years of Learnings about public engagement in Vorarlberg, Austria by
> Manfred Hellrigl Director of the Office for Future related issues part of
> the regional public administration for Vorarlberg, Austria at the SKL
> democracy conference in Stockholm 14 April 2015.
> Thank you Manfred and the Office for future related questions
> https://vimeo.com/125986884
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