[OSList] OST learning workshop, Vancouver June 1-2 2017

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Glad to see that the coffee breaks are included!   ;)


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> Greeting colleagues:
> I’ll be hosting a two day deep dive into using Open Space Technology June
> 1-2 in Vancouver BC.  This is a couple of days that will be useful for new
> and experienced practitioners alike.
> New practitioners will have a chance to use and experience the process,
> with good coaching and support from me and other experienced participants.
> For experienced participants we’ll learn a bit of theory, and how to help
> clients and sponsors make a rationale for using OST, supporting good design
> of the invitation and the implementation options for OST meetings, and
> we’ll dive deeper into the personal capacities needed to host well.
> Everyone who attends will receive a copy of The Tao of Holding Space.
> If you wish to register, please do so at https://events.r20.
> constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07edr41xxs4cbcc093&oseq=&c=&
> ch=
> There is a discount for teams and an early bird rate currently on offer.
> Please feel free to share.
> Chris
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