[OSList] Public Contemplations on Anarchy and Power ... and the difficulty of boring meetings

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So glad to hear from you!  I am out of the country from July 10th-August 1st.  I will reply at my earliest convenience and look forward to connecting with you!


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> Jane – you may feel that you are not up-to-date of the LIST… And the issues you identify are current, essential, pertinent – and open lots of space for serious encounter. When invited (serious invitation) there are a massive number of colleagues who have been, are, and will be thrashing about in that totally rich swamp. I think of Kai Degner, used to be mayor of Harrisonburg VA – all those good folks in Berlin (Michael P. et al) who created spaces there… and Eastward. Then there is Mrs. Song in Beijing and more than a few scattered across Asia.  I recall people involved saying that some people talk about Democracy – And when you open space you DO Democracy. It is an old story and very new!
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> Colleagues,
> I'm not up with my OSList reading, so maybe others are discussing this, but here's an article in the Guardian from yesterday RIPE with OST topics. What's power? Why don't people participate? I want to show up and ... demonstrate how it can be totally engaging and filled with spirit, which is the same thing I guess.
> enjoy!
> https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jul/09/carne-ross-case-for-anarchy-accidental-anarchist-interview
> Jane 
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