[OSList] Save the Dates! 2017 WOSoOS in Tainan, South Taiwan. October 26-28.

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Sat Jul 1 19:05:01 PDT 2017

Before more news, and background info etc comes out to register and see how
easy Tainan is to get to from anywhere and what good flight fares are
available late October and learn about all the other things you can do in
Taiwan, and wonder why you never noticed this #1 place in the world for
expats to live (seriously it was voted #1 place early this year), let me
get some of the basic info out to you all.

The Organizing Group is thrilled to be getting the simple space and details
set for
the 25th World Open Space on Open Space. It'll be another amazing 3 days of
conversation that deepens and widens our understanding of the practice of
open space in our lives and the world.

Come join!

It's in Tainan, south Taiwan.

It'll be relaxed and quite amazing. In a sense, all of Tainan is our gentle
fun host. It's the place everyone in Taiwan comes to chill out, linger over
meals with friends, get lost in temple-lined photogenic inner alleys and
recharge for whatever else is going on in life.

We're meeting on the wide open bright 3rd floor of a building built some
decades ago as a "holiday center" for engineers working in the nearby
mountains to build Taiwan's first dams. When they needed a break from the
mountains, and a taste of the city, this is where they came. There's 2
floors of guest rooms and the 3rd floor is a fantastic wide open open space
space. Within a 5 minute stroll are a couple historical sites, a couple
parks, a swimming pool, a professional sports stadium, a university ... and
a lot more. A rental bike ride away is practically anything else you might
want ... including the ocean for sunset.

Dates: October 25 (evening reception), 26-28 (Thurs, Fri and Saturday)

Stay tuned for more information, but ... save the dates!

Your Tainan Organizing Group
Jane E. Lewis, PhD   柳 芝 蓮

World Open Space on Open Space is in Tainan, Oct. 26-28, 2017. Come join!

+886 (0)932 259 844  mobile, LINE, WhatsApp
JaneELewis at gmail.com
+886 (0)6 213 6817 landline
HawaiiBreeze  Skype
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