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Dear friends in Open Space

Thanks for the replies dear friends. I have attached them below – funny they
came to me directly, off list – I hope it’s ok to share them here. I wonder
why sometimes when we answer the list it goes to the person who posted
instead of to the list!

There are many possibilities, for sure!


I am pondering over a possibility to actually open space in a open space

First evening – opening and 2 sessions, evening circle.

Then 2 weeks to continue the open exploration via selforganized meetings and
conversations on social media e g create a FB group. Also thinking about
collecting all the reports on a Google doc.

Then the second evening meeting for action planning using re-opening the

Any thoughts or experiences re such an approach?

All the best



Reply from Tom Brown

43558026/c6790e0c9375c3e485277a2ad832fd65/newton.gif> Thomas,


I suspect that you are going to remind yourself of the principle.


Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.  (Be prepared
to be surprised.)


That said the Open Space, Pause, Open Space pattern you describe sounds a
lot like the pattern being used by Daniel Mezick as part of his Open Agile
Adoption work.  


My guess is that the first session will be about building connections,
familiarity about Open Space, Building consensus about the challenges and


Getting the proceedings out quickly I think will be important.


The second session might be smaller, and much more tackle and actionable.
There should be a proceedings from that as well.


You might want to put a third opportunity weeks or months in the future to
get together to discuss success and remaining challenges.


One of the suggestions I would make for you as part of the end of the
closing circle for session one.  Empower all who joined the first session to
invite folks to the second event.  As facilitator in addition to making sure
that the proceeding get out.  Work with and celebrate folks who get new
folks to join your circle for the second event.  


There are my $0.02.  You probably have though of some of this already.  You
are not going to make this happen all by yourself. Get ready to get out of
the way, and always be prepare to be surprised!


--Tom Brown



Reply from Henri LIpmanow

Hello Thomas,


I just read your email to the OSlist and have been thinking about it since.

I have one suggestion which may make sense for you. In complex situations
success often requires a combination of doing things and of stopping things.
The stopping part is often ignored because it is so hard for people to stop.

If you sense that this may be relevant to your situation you may want to
take a look at the Liberating Structures called TRIZ; here is the link to
its description on the website

At the other end of the spectrum you may want to take a look at 25/10 as a
way to surface bold ideas:

If you need to make an assessment of everything that is now going on maybe
the Ecocycle would be helpful:
http://www.liberatingstructures.com/31-ecocycle-planning/. I hesitate to
mention Panarchy because it adds more level of complexity but given that you
have several levels that are influencing what is happening you may want to
take at least a little crack at it to create a better picture of what is
going on and where action is needed. 

Some of this work may lend itself to be done during the interim period. 

Hope some of this helps.

Good luck!




Reply from Bhavesh Patel

Firstly wishing you all the best and hoping solutions can be found.


What if:

*	Groups of 4 sit at tables and identify as many specific actions as
they could. Each action written on A5, readable, 4-7 words, and more data on
the back. This could generate maybe 40-120 actions?
*	Then the 4 people mix up all their actions, take an equal number
each and form groups of 5. This could mean that you would have 8 groups.
*	Each group looks at all the actions and chooses the best 5.
*	Then using the ToP Consensus Workshop method you start clustering
the cards that are similar.
*	This will lead to clusters that could be called strategic action
*	You reflect on these approaches and then decide how you can actually
action them.
*	Those who have ideas find a new table and are joined by 3 others to
develop the action into a plan using Pro-Action Cafe.


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Dear friends in Open Space 

I have an exciting and important opportunity coming up and would love to tap
into the wisdom here to have some more ideas. I have on extremely short
notice been invited to facilitate an evening meeting on Tuesday. Yesterday
we had a prep meeting where my sponsor understood that in order to start a
sustainable development process more space is needed. So we agreed on having
this 2,5 hours meeting then have 2 weeks in between and have another evening
meeting then (I guess it will be somewhere in the range 2,5-3,5 hours). 

It is a very important topic, The issue at hand is to find housing solutions
to all the unaccompanied children that need housing quickly. Sweden received
35 000 unaccompanied children from mostly Afghanistan in 2015-16 – most of
them are still waiting for decision regarding asylum! Many of them turn 18
this year or are considered to be 18 by the Migration authorities. This
means the responsibility goes from the municipalities (where they have been
living in housing with lots of staff and well taken care of) to the National
Migration Office. In practice it means that they mostly have to move to
another part of our country, in big complexes with many adult asylum
seekers. To make a long story short, they desperately want to stay in
school, with their friends etc. Many private homes are opened to let them
stay and some other solution are in place, but far from enough solutions are
available now so more and more kids end up in the streets...

The calling question they identified yesterday is: How can we start a
process to find creative solutions for housing with new and old “performers”
(people/organizations who wish to contribute) in order to create the best
possibilities for these young people? They added that they wish to add more
resources than presently available.


So my questions are about

*	Do you have any similar experiences?
*	Do you have any ideas for the overall process?`
*	Design ideas more specifically

*	For the two physical meetings?
*	For the time in between?


The original facilitator is called to take part in organizating protests
against another deportation of young people to Afghanistan which will
unfortunately happen on Tuesday (I guess you know Afghanistan is not a nice
place to be sent as a young person without family or network, which is the
case for many of them).


The invitation has of course already been sent out and its not too bad, so
it’ll work whatever we come up with. They expect about 20-40 participants,
partly from the 17 organization who are behind this initiative (churches,
refugee-help-organizations, several political parties) and others are
invited to join. 


The civil society stands up to solve an unbearable situation when the
municipality and the state are “blindfolded”. Many of the people have been
working with this for a looong time and getting worn out and desperate, just
as the kids.


I am happy and honored to contribute in this urgent situation and although
the circumstances are far from perfect, I’ll give my best.


With appreciation for any contributions


Thomas Herrmann

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