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Hi Birgitt, 
Thanks for your message. It has inspired me to speak up. I don’t contribute in writing to this list very much, but I’d like to add my two cents to your questions, because they are such good ones. 

I totally agree with your concept that we don’t necessarily “know” the full power of any methodology until we experience it ourselves - repeatedly- over time. And, then even a “knowing” can also change with time. At least for me it has.  I don’t mean to be overly philosophical, but I do believe that Open Space (when facilitated well!) can transform most situations from the “normal” (which may or may not be working well) into something more refreshing and freeing. For me, it’s very nature is to “free” us from our own rules about who has power. 

Regarding the limitations of Open Space (unfortunately, I don’t know World Cafe as well), in my experience, Open Space (as is physical movement), primarily a tool for increasing dialogue and engagement. Open Space may not be the very best tool for implementing or operationalizing an idea.  This does not make Open Space any lesser, but rather it’s strength is to invite and to give permission to people to connect.  Not that they don’t already have “permission”, but maybe they don’t know it or use it? 

After a successful Open Space, and once people are more connected, then there is a much better chance that - when given the structure of other tools / methodologies- that people will feel more vested in making the change they have (now) been able to discuss, debate and self-organize around.  
You say… 

>> I have experienced methods such as Open Space, World Café etc to be rooted in a holistic perspective. I have experienced Lean, Kanban, Scrum and other related methods to be rooted in a reductionist perspective. Each has its place and its usefulness based on the business goal. I am curious about how you are bridging the mix of something that is holistic in nature, to something that is reductionist in nature. I assume this bridging is part of your thinking so that there is not cognitive dissonance for the people involved.

I don’t know a lot about the holistic and reductionist perspectives that you mention, but here’s my reaction. At least for right now…  I reserve the right to learn from you all! ;) 

Maybe Agile is a proper tool or methodology to *compliment* / bridge to Open Space for the good of the organization and the people in it. We are offering the idea of a combination of two good things being stronger than each on it’s own. 

I’m no expert here, but I choose to believe that the people involved in OSA have the right intentions and (I don’t mean to speak for the others here) but I believe we stand for a different way to be a leader in the world and to evolve and experiment with improving workplace cultures. 

This is getting long, so I’ll stop there. I really hope I added something of interest. Am very curious how others will chime in and I hope they do! 

All the best to all of you across the globe - from Washington, DC in the USA.


Leslie Zucker

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>   4. OpenSpace Agility: How Agile can be successful. First
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