[OSList] OpenSpace Agility: How Agile can be successful. First Workshop in Germany, June from 13th to 15th

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Hello everyone!

We would like to invite you to a new framework for organizational change: OpenSpace Agility, made of OpenSpace and agile methods.

"Now, as long as I have known about Agile, Scrum, etc. - it has been clear to me that "being Agile" is simply being fully, consciously, intentionally self organizing. That is total High Performance. And Open Space happens to be (a) fast track to get "there". Not by doing something unique, special, or weird ... but simply by being what we already are. Self organizing."
Harrison Owen
Lean, Kanban, Scrum ... all these young methods indicates the need for lean and fast processes. On the other hand we know the power of Open Space, World Café and other approaches, but also their limitations in the daily work of an organization. Daniel Mezick, the pioneer of OpenSpace Agility found a way to combine the strengths of both approaches.

"OpenSpace Agility works for one simple reason: it generates extremely high levels of engagement across your entire organization. This engagement is essential to the success of your program and no other method generates more engagement than the OpenSpace Agility method."
Daniel Mezick
We're happy to bring Daniel Mezick for the first time to Germany in June this year, where he will teach us the concept and methods of OpenSpace Agility (in english).
Who is invited:
- Leaders
- Scrumteams, ProductOwners and ScrumMasters
- People from HR department
- (AoH)Hosts, Facilitators and Consultants

If you're looking for a framework which allows you to combine the Art of Hosting approach with Agile, have a look at these websites:
- www.openspaceagility.de<http://www.openspaceagility.de> (in german)
- www.openspaceagility.com<http://www.openspaceagility.com>

We would be happy to meet you in Munich from June, 13th to 15th

Thomas Jäger, Caroline Rennie and Rolf Schneidereit on behalf of the Hosting team

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