[OSList] Fwd: 4th European Open Space Learning Exchange coming up

Michael M Pannwitz via OSList oslist at lists.openspacetech.org
Thu Mar 3 13:17:39 PST 2016

Dear List,
for your information the note I sent to those that turned up at the 
Learning Exchanges in Europe... to spread the word about this year's LEX 
in San Sebastian in May.


Dear os-workers who attended the European Learning Exchanges in Paris
(2009), Sardinia (2011) and Utrecht (2013),

after the Worldwide Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) took place in
Belgrade (2014) and in Krakow (2015) it will be outside of Europe in
Manila this year... Great opportunity for another European Exchange in 2016.

Colleagues in the Basque Country on the Iberian Peninsula have invited
os-workers to gather in San Sebastian /Donostia for the 4th LEX in
Europe May 10 through 13.

Here is the link to the invitation, yes, it is long but it works:

Although the focus is on os-workers in Europe, folks from other parts of
our planet are known to have attended in the past.

Living in Berlin I am in the midst of what feels like one huge intense
open space. Of course, open space has been around all the time but
presently conditions in Berlin and Germany and I imagine in all of
Europe and beyond for the unfolding of selforganisation are perfect: A
mighty "business issue", unusually high complexity, very diverse actors,
conflict at all levels, no one seeming to have an answer which everyone
is urgently looking for... and endless numbers of people working
together in thousands of places at the edge of the emerging what ever.
Its still fuzzy, governments and politicians seem helpless... undaunted
by all that people are positioning themselves way ahead of experts,
think tanks, the media,  elected representatives, the churches, the
European Commision... experiencing a glimpse of the transforming society.

It will not have ceased or been solved by May... I signed up.

Greetings from Berlin

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