[OSList] OST and group methods in education settings

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Fri Jul 22 05:58:02 PDT 2016

Here is a report on how open space transformed the way of doing business 
in the German Agency "YOUTH or Europe" over a ten year period.
It has been published as an E-Book (it contains the report in six 
languages, including English), here is the link

> https://www.westkreuz-verlag.de/de/Practicing-Open-Space-Our-First-Ten-Years-E-Book

I am certain, that it will not satisfy the powers that are all about 
"evidence  base" since it is a story told by the CEO of the outfit, not 
a so-called scientific investigation.

My take on this is that there is no existing approach to capture what 
open space is all about, starting with the force of selforganisation, so 
I am not sure your "evidence base" crowd will be happy with this narrative.

Greetings from Berlin
On 22.07.2016 11:07, Rob Lancaster via OSList wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm doing a project looking at potential improvements to the design of a
> one-year Public Policy Master's Program. One aspect is the peer-to-peer
> learning and I want to promote participatory methods like OST. The
> powers that be are all about the 'evidence base' so I'm wondering if
> anyone could share any articles that have studied impact of OST in
> specific situations (doesn't have to be in education setting)?
> Thanks!
> Rob
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