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Carmela Ariza is our new Poet Laureate of the OSLIST. Her poem is #5 below,
entitled Moo. Congratulations Carmela!

Chris Corrigan will you arrange to send Carmela your book The Tao of Open
Space? Thanks for offering it as a prize for being selected!

Thanks to all who composed poems and all who participated (by reading, by
voting) in our celebration and contest.

Below are the poems with their author's names unless they asked to be

May reading, hearing, writing, and speaking poetry enhance our lives in
Open Space!

1: Tenneson Woolf

It was obvious there was pain.

Feelings hurt. Wounds infected.

Hopes, dwindling relentlessly over the horizon called “not today.”

It was the story underneath, finally excavated,

that began to change everything.

2: Huck Lin

圍圓坐  sit around circle
相視識. Look to know each other
取紙筆 take pen n paper
述題旨 describe your theme
選時空 choose a space n time
召人議 invite people to discuss
蜂採蜜 bees keep busy
蝶翩舞 butterfly dances
此即時 now is right time
隨心聚 gather with your heartl
終亦始 end is also start

3: Paul Levy

We are spreading out to the centre,
Unravelling to the core;
We are flowing in the stillness,
Living less being more.

The space it is opening,
The circle spirals in;
The frozen turns to water,
The frown becomes a grin.

4: Rolf Schneidereit

Wenn ich sein kann
wer ich bin
kann ich werden
wer ich sein kann

When I can be
who I am
I can become
Who I can be

5: Carmela Ariza


We moved
To overcome
Stale and hardened

We mooed
Crossing over
Grassy fields
Verdant minds

We mowed
Sharp shears
Breaking through
Rigid thoughts

We mooed
As we moved
On mowed
Open spaces

6: Huck Lin

邀集圓坐相視識 Invite to sit a circle. Look to know each other

取紙筆 述題旨Take pen n paper;  describe your theme

擇時空 召人議Choose a space n time; call people to meet

蜂飛蝶舞此即時Bees keep busy  butterfly dances  now is right time

隨心聚散 Gather or leave with your heart
終亦始 end is also start

7: Huck Lin

邀圓環視取紙筆Invite a circle, look around, take a pen and paper

選定時空述題旨Choose a time-space, describe your topic

蜂蝶飛舞此即時 Bees and butterflies are dancing, now is right time

隨心聚散終亦始Gather or leave with your heart, end is also start


We have a right to treat each other well

knowing from the depths of authenticity

yet mysterious beyond human understanding

that good things emerge whenever we do.

What wonder filled constancy!


Life is a subtle affair

in which we do well to notice

that coupled in the swirl of the dance

is the real joy of living in togetherness

amid still feelings of oneness.

10: Alan Halford

there was an old codger from maine
who said open those spaces again
for all those who did
I lift off me lid
and welcome all those who just came

11: Susan Basterfield

The space a circle

Three-dimensional circuit

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