[OSList] How to shift a destructive "information-meeting" to a constructive dialogue meeting?

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Dear HO,

oh yes, wake them up.
Carol is just 15.3 mi down the road from you, says Map24, so it could be 
easily and effectively handled analog... Tova and Avner require another 

Have a great weekend
greetings from Berlin where tens of thousands of us have a ball 
expanding space for refugees and Berliners to thrive in

PS: Tomorrow afternoon several grade school Syrian girls will be over 
for bicycle training...

On 18.02.2016 22:45, Harrison Owen via OSList wrote:
> Good Go Thomas....! And if you want to connect with folks who have done
> what you are proposing to do, talk to Tova and Avner in Israel and or
> Carol who happens to be here in the US. All are on OSLIST... but not
> regular. I could wake them up, I think. Bottom line is just open space
> with whoever cares – and get out of the way. It does work! JAnd of
> course there are lot of others to consult with around the globe.
> Harrison
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> Dear friends in Open Space/GC-list
> I have decided to focus my time and energy, as much as possible, to
> contributing in a critical area here in Sweden. Last year we received
> 160 000 asylum seekers. Of course this means some challenges but also
> lots of fantastic opportunities. Many many people are engaging as
> volunteers, villages who have “been sleeping” for decades wake up etc etc
> One of the challenges is that neighbours often become afraid when new
> asylum camps are opened near where they live. Or homes for lonely
> refugee children (35 000 came last year). There are so many rumours
> going on, and shit is spread on social media – so many “normal” people
> are very much afraid from stories they heard – often false ones but also
> that single events create pictures in people’s heads.
> In my hometown one school which was being rebuilt to house lonely
> refugee children was burnt down Land we had many fires like that all
> over the country L
> What the authorities usually do when a new housing is to open is to
> invite the public to a “information-meeting” where they put some
> politicians, the CEO of the company running the camp, some officials
> from the municipality in front of a crowd of people who are worried and
> some are even outright hostile with racist ideas. You can imagine what
> usually happens… I was in one of those meetings a couple of weeks ago,
> it was horrible.
> I think the usual impact is:
> ·Increased fear and hostility towards people coming to our country from
> war zones.
> ·Increased mistrust to the politicians and municipality.
> ·People at the front get more or less badly hurt.
> Not a very good result. In fact it’s outright dangerous to arrange these
> kind of meetings. But mostly they don’t know better. Which is quite
> surprising to me as there are thousands of trained facilitators in our
> country.
> Since some time I have been working with colleagues in our Open Space
> and Genuine Contact communities to create alternative ways to have such
> meetings. We have some good ideas but would also like to hear what comes
> up for you? Normally these meetings are conducted in the evening, length
> of 2-3 hours. Normally they are not well planned and not facilitated
> other than trying to control them. They are called “information
> meetings” which says a lot.
> So I’d love to hear your experiences, ideas, suggestions…
> Thomas Herrmann
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