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Thu Feb 4 04:09:37 PST 2016

And all the essential criteria are in place, Space not only opens but
Action happens and we continue to open space, working together on what
matters most.

This wonderful video produced by Devoted and Disgruntled in the UK and
posted by Arturo Uscategui Restrepos on the Open Space Facebook reminded me
of that.

It's also what happened in New Jersey with Creative New Jersey, 2 days in
2011 multiplied into a movement of action, initiatives and many Open Spaces
across the State that continue to this day.
Click the Start Up report to get the full story.

And then Gail West today says this on her Facebook: "It all began with 1
small 2 day event...and then it multiplied and spread. More events
scheduled including junior high schools across Taiwan. Shufang, she said,
posted about it on this blog. We may not understand the words but the
pictures tells it all.

Yes a lot can happen when we give ourselves and others the gift of time and
space through this simple process of Open Space that starts with Invitation.

Grateful and inspired,
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