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Congratulations Yaari.What a wonderful way to celebrate your 60th OS facilitation!
I am curious what was the language used? Did you have interpreters?
Carms True happiness is a state of mind.
Happiness is not a consequence of things that happen. 
Do not pursue happiness - practice it. 
Sing, even if you do not sound good. 
Smile, even when things go wrong. 
Create happiness, and happy you will be.

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Dear Lisa, dear Carol, dear Juliane, dear all,thank you for your quick and supporting response. wow, i was surprised how rapid your mails came.i had the pleasure to be invited to facilitate an one-and-a-half day open space for the "university of art and design, burg giebichenstein" in halle, saxony-anhalt. about 56 participants showed up for the first day with the theme "Let´s … Hello! Entkommen, Ankommen, Willkomenn gestalten." (sth like Let´s  … Hello! Shaping Escape, Arrival, Welcome.") … an open space initiated by students to discuss, contribute, getting involved and having a local stake in the so called "refugee crises" we are facing in europe nowadays. setting-up the event i got to know that several refugees signed up to participate and thought a few translations into arabic could be beneficial besides one person capable of translating into arabic.… well, not so many refugees showed up, and those who did, spoke either german or english, much better than i do … the participants came up with something like 26 issues (such as: how can integration be pleasurable; breaking the law; understanding arrival; enabling refugees to join the art studies; how to deal with exclusion; how to contribute … etc.). on the second day (action-planning) 13 concrete actions got set in motion (such as: fun raising; digital storytelling; platform for projects; installing a project-room; a survey on racial profiling …) … i found most of the issues and actions not very surprising but observed and enjoyed an increasingly pleasant atmosphere of communication, interaction, commitment and responsibility.the whole thing was a small-big jubilee for myself, too … for being the 60th open space i facilitated … looking forward to all those to come.hugyaari

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