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Dear Lisa, dear Carol, dear Juliane, dear all,
thank you for your quick and supporting response. wow, i was surprised how rapid your mails came.
i had the pleasure to be invited to facilitate an one-and-a-half day open space for the "university of art and design, burg giebichenstein" in halle, saxony-anhalt. 
about 56 participants showed up for the first day with the theme "Let´s … Hello! Entkommen, Ankommen, Willkomenn gestalten." (sth like Let´s  … Hello! Shaping Escape, Arrival, Welcome.") … an open space initiated by students to discuss, contribute, getting involved and having a local stake in the so called "refugee crises" we are facing in europe nowadays. 
setting-up the event i got to know that several refugees signed up to participate and thought a few translations into arabic could be beneficial besides one person capable of translating into arabic.
… well, not so many refugees showed up, and those who did, spoke either german or english, much better than i do … 
the participants came up with something like 26 issues (such as: how can integration be pleasurable; breaking the law; understanding arrival; enabling refugees to join the art studies; how to deal with exclusion; how to contribute … etc.). on the second day (action-planning) 13 concrete actions got set in motion (such as: fun raising; digital storytelling; platform for projects; installing a project-room; a survey on racial profiling …) … i found most of the issues and actions not very surprising but observed and enjoyed an increasingly pleasant atmosphere of communication, interaction, commitment and responsibility.
the whole thing was a small-big jubilee for myself, too … for being the 60th open space i facilitated … looking forward to all those to come.

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