[OSList] Open Space for innovation with group of 8?

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Harrison, thank you for your help, great. 


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> On 8 jan 2015, at 22:48, "Harrison Owen" <hhowen at verizon.net> wrote:
> Thomas -- I suspicion that not only is OS possible, but probably the only
> way to provide sufficient latitude for innovation combined with the
> essential focus to deliver something useful. And a group of 8-10 is
> certainly possible. BUT why the limit if there is all that other talent?
> That would be the 90 other folks who might just care to join in???
> As you know the start up time for an Open Space is about 1 and 1/2 hours,
> then with the exception of a short time in the am (morning news) and
> something similar in the evening (Evening News) -- everything else just
> spreads itself naturally over the time available.
> So it is quite possible, indeed I have done it on multiple occasions, to
> basically make the whole company Open Space for the period. True, you do
> have to have an large meeting at the beginning -- but from there on out
> everybody sets their own schedule and thusly can integrate it with whatever
> else they need to do (client business, etc).
> I have done this in hospitals, power companies, and phone companies where
> you can't shut the whole thing down but it is possible to find a time when
> most people can get together for a short period. This usually turns out to
> be a the change of shifts times -- and one shift stays an hour longer, and
> the other comes in an hour earlier -- and presto... you have two hours
> together, which is more than sufficient to get the ball rolling.
> There are some complications, but people do work it out, as they always seem
> to do. And usually the whole place is just buzzing with a level of
> excitement that is rarely if ever seen on a "normal" business day. Fun!
> Harrison 
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> Subject: [OSList] Open Space for innovation with group of 8?
> Hi friends,
> I would like some help.
> I have been approached by a company who wants to find innovations within a
> certain technology. They are looking to have a team of 8-10 working for 2 or
> 3 days, and they have invited me to give them a suggestion for how to go
> about it. 
> My questions:
> 1. Do you think OS is the best approach with only 8 people and this kind of
> mission? If not, how would you go about it? If yes, how have you had it
> work?
> 2. There are over 100 people in the company - how could one utilise this
> potential for the purpose without having to release everybody from client
> work for 2-3 days?
> 3. They would really want to explore new innovations more broadly, but are
> looking, for now, to look within a certain technology because they fear
> being more general will give less results. Thoughts on this?
> Gratefully,
> Thomas
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