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I like this idea. There's an important movement among and for adults with developmental disabilities called "self advocacy". This is self-organizing on individual, group and organizational levels.

I'm also interested in how OS and self-organization can play out in non-profit management. I'm reorganizing the Level Green Board, want to operate on OS principles. Any thoughts along such lines?

Patricia Gooding (aka Haines)

Level Green Institute: fostering just & sustainable community through education and the arts, in the democratic spirit of the Grundtvigian Folk School

> On Nov 26, 2014, at 8:25 PM, John Baxter via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
> Hello facilitators of self organisation
> Let's take a moment to consider self organisation, as 'field' or 'practice'.
> I am scoping a summer project at the moment (in the southern hemisphere!).
> I have been reading and learning all I can about self org.  There is less than I expected at the heart of self org practice, but much more than I realised in intersecting fields (e.g. in governance, democracy, community organising, management, change, systems...).  There are also unanswered Qs about what 'self org' is (indeed, if it is anything at all).
> It might be worthwhile formalising this, through a focused research project, and sharing the results in a report or the like.
> Possible focus questions that come to mind for me are
> - what does someone need to know to say "I do self organisation"?
> - what would someone need to know to be an 'expert' in self org?
> Would appreciate your perspective, as a practitioner-facilitator-fellow wave rider:
> What (if anything) do you think deserves to be done?
> Who should be involved in doing it?
> ​Thank you for contributing to the quest!
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