[OSList] Is Open Space a meeting?

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I have a simple question: Is Open Space a meeting?

For purposes of discussion, let's use this definition of /meeting/:

noun: meeting; plural noun: meetings

*an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or 
commit**t**ee*/, for discussion or entertainment./
/    "the early-dismissal policy will be discussed at our next meeting"/
/    synonyms: gathering, assembly, conference, congregation, 
convention, summit, forum, convocation, conclave, council, rally, 
caucus; More/
/    power lunch, power breakfast;/
/    informal get-together/
/    "he stood up to address the meeting"/
/        a gathering of people, especially Quakers, for worship./
/    2./
/*a coming together of two or more people, by chance or arrangement.*/
/    "he intrigued her on their first meeting"/
/    synonyms: consultation, audience, interview More/

Is Open Space a meeting?



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