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Hi Brian:

 I agree with Harrisonthat Academia tends to avoid the subject of OST. But this can also be seen asan opportunity for your Institute ;-)

 Nevertheless thiscommunity has been able to find some quotable references (other than Harrison'sbooks and papers). You can see them here: OpenSpaceWorld: ResearchActivities







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|  OpenSpaceWorld: ResearchActivities

 Academic Research on Open Space Technology Thanks to [LarryPeterson] and [LisaHeft] for finding most of these research papers focusing on Open Space Technology see also:

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|  View on www.openspaceworld.org

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  In what concernsPortugal, I have only heard of a PhD using OST (or similar) in a context ofblended learning. At least a paper has been published: Isabel Pereira, AntonioDias Figueiredo, 2010, Extending open space technology for blended learning,10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.

 You may find the paperat “academia.edu” searching for the 2nd Author.



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Subject: [OSList] Open Spaces research  Dear Harrison and other Open Spacers,  I would like introduce myself and make a request regarding research into the efficacy of Open Spaces.   My name is Bryan, and I recently founded the Co-Creation Institute at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. CCI, as we call it here, is a space to facilitate personal and organizational transformation, with a strong base in presence and reflective dialogue. Our objective is to create new cultures of innovation that combine interactive environments with co-creative facilitation. I invite you to explore our program, but more importantly I would like to know more about existing research. Co-Creation and presence training will benefit from empirical research, and I am now looking for related research projects to inspect the methodology, issues raised, and future directions that we may push.   Open Spaces integrates many of the principles that we draw inspiration from, and I am planning on implementing it as a framework within CCI. While I have read many discussions and the text on Open spaces, I would like to find out more about how others have conducted research. If anyone has such information, please contact me any time. Our program would benefit from your experience. 

Kindest Regards,

Bryan Rill, PhD
Director, Co-Creation Institute
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
School of Design
brrill at polyu.edu.hk
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