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I see that the author Gary Hamel co-founded the Management Innovation eXchange who are putting on this event in New York.  http://mixmashup.org/

Two days of talks by experts (a new talk every half hour? Ted style?) and a day in "lab" sessions. Some cool presenters, sure.


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I think the idea of a change platform is an excellent one.

I have been putting together my own approach to this kind of work recently.  i’ve been thinking of it as a kind of operating system with different layers. It’s about examining how I work with pretty much anyone - the kind of theoretical basis for my work, my own strengths and preferences and assumptions.  On top of that are ways of seeing the world that I apply pretty consistently and on top of that, “apps” if you will that help work get done coherently.  

It has been a rewarding exercise to do this, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to others in this field.  At the very least it helps make it clear to others what you do and why and it has the added benefit of allowing you to see your own assumptions about the way the world works.

Having said that, yeah, this article seems very 1985.  I’m pretty sure that even in the hallowed belly of McKinsey, this thinking is pretty dated.  Being the self-appointed guardians of what is the gold standard of management consulting, it kind of bugs me when they publish stuff the rest of the world has known for years as if it’s the latest trend.  Having said that, it’s always nice to pull out their stuff when confronted with a particularly traditional organization that is stuck in its thinking about change and complexity and strategy.  


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