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Dear Alan and Dan and many very special friends on the OS list,

What is and has been the purpose of the OS list?

Might I get a tad bit personal.

The OS List is the place where I found my courage. The place to speak with
my own voice, to press the send button with some trepidation knowing that I
would be baring  my heart and soul to a World Community.

Yet I could not stay silent in the face of such powerful learnings from
this thing called Open Space Technology... in the unfolding of it, in the
moment, day by day, week by week, year by year. My hope was that by
speaking, it would stir others to also share their personal stories and

Over the past 5 years, I have grown deeply inside of me in ways that I
never would have without this community always just a few keyboard
keystrokes away in all these time zones. I have listened, I have learned
from amazing people who I have grown to love.

It felt daunting at first to share in the moment, from those early
beginnings in Open Space. Speaking my new learning to others, from my
unformed thoughts; talking out loud my pain of letting go my old leadership
ways which were more about telling and control than I dared admit. And yet
I felt a need to share vulnerably knowing how I was not that different than
many others, well intentioned but often misguided.

And then there was this deep gratitude and appreciation that I wanted to
share with every fiber of my being, for this gift of Open Space in my life,
for those on whose shoulders I stood.
This OS list with all its archives preciously preserved is also a very
special place, like a home to come back to with a law of 2 feet that can
have us be lurkers, initiators or contributors.

Today I also imagine all the people not here; all those yearning for this
something that I got which was unlocked inside of me when someone opened
and held the space on an issue that I cared deeply about. How could I have
guessed the magnitude of its gift. How can they? My purpose and heart is
with the world of work where we spend so many waking hours, many in very
confined and restricted spaces.

Yes I feel committed to this wonderful community but I also feel committed
to inviting and inviting others in that big outside world to join us. They
do not know the significance of less is more, of self organizing, of riding
the waves, of doing together and feeling the energy of creativity,
inclusion, diversity of perspectives and so much more. They will not fully
know it until they "experience" it thus the importance of meeting them
where they are, listening and learning in ways where they may hear and feel
our invitation.

Perhaps the OS list is the embodiment of that 5th principle: "Wherever it
happens is the right place!"

This has been and continues to be the right place for me.

>From Suzanne with bountiful appreciation for Harrison who has led by
example by giving everything away and for Harold for doing the non sexy job
of keeping the mechanics of our virtual OS list going in such a seamless,
invisible way.

  Hi Alan,

I am thankful for your expressions of personal perception, and explanation,
regarding the primary task of this group.

Thanks also for your story!

You quote Picasso, and elect to paraphrase him, as follows:

*“Our meaning in life is identifying our gift,*

*"Our purpose in life is giving it away.”*

*I tend to paraphrase this as ‘… our gifts … is giving them away.’ *

I do not know if you speak for the group as a whole. And we are about to
find out shortly. Right? Your expression of the perceived primary task may *
resonate*- if it does, some may join, by encouraging the discussion in the
same direction.

Your expression of the perceived primary task may *not* resonate- if it
does not, some may encourage the discussion in a new direction, or opt-out
of participating in the thread altogether.

For my part, I elect to join you, in exploring *gifting* (your words) and
*generosity* (my words)  here.

And here are some of my thoughts on that:


Kind Regards,

On 11/1/14 9:03 AM, Alan Stewart wrote:

 G’day Dan and All

In your response of 21 Oct 2014 to my post *Re: [OSList] Respect in
Self-Organizing Systems *you muse:

“I often wonder what the primary task of the OSLIST group is.”

Having been a group member for about 20 years and having attended five

I have a ‘take’ on this matter.

This derives in part from a statement of Pablo Picasso that:

“Our meaning in life is identifying our gift,

Our purpose in life is giving it away.”

I tend to paraphrase this as ‘… our gifts … is giving them away.’

One of the gifts I note in relation to ‘the primary task of the OSLIST
group’ is that of knowing of the principles and practices of OST by the
group members and our giving them away,  professionally and personally.

 In my case the 'beginning' gift arrived, in 1994, totally unexpectedly, in
the post in the form of Harrison's original book, about which knew nothing.
I had occasion to experiment with the process, as a speaker scheduled to
present a few days later had withdrawn. Which I did, after reading the book
swiftly - and on observing the response was forever hooked!

As my ‘take’ is quite long and somewhat personal I would not wish to foist
it on the LIST. And so I invite anyone who may be interested in this to
contact me. Whoever does ... <smile>

Incidentally, yesterday I facilitated a one day conversation for the Australian
Churches Refugee Taskforce
<http://www.australianchurchesrefugeetaskforce.com.au/>. This has been
established by a group of the biggest church denominations in Australia to
care for the wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees. This event was held
in Adelaide at their second annual get together and was to converse about
their priorities in the coming year. Several participants had previous
experience of the value of OST for such a purpose, which is why it was
chosen. The concluding consensus – in my understanding - was through it
this time they had accomplished what they wished.

Looking forward

Go well


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