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Sat Nov 1 16:40:04 PDT 2014

A warm thank you for this honor, fellow Poet Laureate Jonathan - as I try to balance this particular crown on my head along with my Access Queen tiara.

I learned about found poetry from our late great fellow OSLISTer, dear friend, and past Poet Laureate, Ms. Laurel Doersam.
I love showing your collective wisdom back to you, my OS friends.

A deep bow to you, Ms. Laurel.

Stay tuned for more found poetry over time during my season of Poet Laureate-ness.

And dear readers, I begin my season of Poet Laureate-ness with the following poem by…

The late, great Kerry Napuk

Here is a poem Kerry contributed to a past OSLIST poetry contest:






 - Kerry Napuk, May 24, 2013


On Nov 1, 2014, at 1:41 AM, Jonathan Coe via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:

> After some procrastination........
> Lisa Heft!
> I am told there have been a few Poets Laureate of Open Space who have been selected more than once, and this time there was only one poet entering - so having no voting process was what happened this time.
> Lisa put in two lovely poems and I am happy to pass over to her, and look forward to her holding of this space.
> Jonathan

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