[OSList] To my beloved techie friends

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Mon Nov 10 06:57:14 PST 2014

It's why I feel Open Space and Agile/Scrum is a marriage made in heaven
when it comes to the future of work.

Yes we are rebels at heart fighting against those tight narrow spaces,
busting our Berlin Walls to open big wide open spaces at work and in life.

Whether overt or covert, the mission of giving voice to many and not just a
few, to unleashing the leadership that lurks everywhere and not just at the
top of the hierarchy, and to sink into the wisdom of self-organizing which
is part of nature and life every day, what better mission is there than
that!  From complexity to the utter beauty of simplicity...of less is more.
Hard work yes but such noble work I say.

May you be as inspired as I by this highly engaging video on this fine day,
the eve of Remembrance Day in Canada, a reminder that it is not from war
that we find our greatest calling but from peace... And collaboration.


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