[OSList] Available hosts for OS Hotline tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4th?

Tricia Chirumbole via OSList oslist at lists.openspacetech.org
Mon Nov 3 16:34:37 PST 2014

Hello all!

This is an invitation to step in as host for our weekly OS Hotline call at
12 PM Eastern on Tuesdays.

I am going to be taking advantage of a rare sunny day to continue the
weekend work of a crew of volunteers to build an outdoor cob pizza oven :)

All you need to do is invite people to sign up and then connect via skype
(or your preferred tool)! You can use the google spreadsheet for sign up,
or not: http://bit.ly/1cm8iJN

In fact, you can change the time and format too! We just want to invite the
lines to stay open in case there is energy for some real time OS
discussions :)

Thanks and take care!

Tricia Chirumbole

Facilitator. Consultant. Champion.

Participant-Driven Engagements/Co-Creative Cultures
Mojo Collaborative

skype: tricia.chirumbole
twitter: @themojozone
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