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(re-sending as I sent this previously from a different e-mail address, and
it didn't go through...)

Hi all,

the following article has been making quite a stir...
I first saw it over on a Linked In discussion group.


>From my perspective, OST in general (and Open Agile Adoption in particular)
are great examples of what the authors are talking about  --

Here's a quote from the article:

"What’s needed is a real-time, socially constructed approach to change, so
that the leader’s job isn’t to design a change program but to *build a
change platform*—one that allows anyone to initiate change, recruit
confederates, suggest solutions, and launch experiments."

Of course, we might decry the authors not being aware of OST already and
for not mentioning it in the article...
or diss the article for being published on mckinsey (belly of the beast),
and for making a big deal of 'everything we already know'..

and/or, we might see this is an amazing opportunity for making new
friends... :-)  :-)  :-)

in any case, enjoy!

with all best wishes,


*Rosa Zubizarreta*

*Diapraxis: Facilitating Creative Collaborationhttp://www.diapraxis.com
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