[OSList] Closing circle 700 people

Harrison Owen hhowen at verizon.net
Fri May 9 09:04:28 PDT 2014

Thomas -- My experience is that the number of participants and the available
time has never been a problem. I have worked with groups up to several
thousand, and used the same approach every time. Come the closing, I simply
remind people of the ending time (they can figure the difference) and then
with one or several mikes, each equipped with a "runner" (that's me and a
friend or two) -- invite people to share as they wish. And when we get to
the "ending time" -- switch off the mikes and go for closure/hugs/kisses --
Out of Here! Always works.


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We'll have about 30-40 mts for our closing circle in a weeks time. I have
yet not decided finally on the procedures for this. Any experiences and/or
ideas you want to share would be appreciated.
Best regards
Thomas Herrmann
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