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Harrison Owen hhowen at verizon.net
Fri May 9 07:43:48 PDT 2014

There comes some point in every lifetime when it is time to clear the
shelves. This is true for me, and in this case my shelves are heavily loaded
with mementos from 30 Years in Open Space. Lots of videos, ancient
Proceedings, papers of various sorts. I thought to move everything to the
recycle bin, but then had a second thought that perhaps there was some
material there that could be of interest. With the help of Barbara Bunker I
contacted several universities and was delighted to find that there was more
than a little interest. Operating on the principle of "First Come First
Served" - I am in the process of boxing everything up, adding a few notes,
and shipping it all off to Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara,


I have never been to Fielding, but over the years I have come to know and
respect a number of their faculty and students. My hope would be that some
of their students might find useful areas for study and possibly
dissertations. Under the best of circumstances, they will become entranced
with the multiple unanswered questions triggered by the Open Space
experience. After all, when you encounter a global phenomenon which violates
virtually all the principles and practices of the conventional wisdom - it
is very clear that something marvelously questionable is going on. 


I am writing this note in part just to let you know what's happening, but
more importantly to invite your thoughts and contributions. If you were to
be an advisor to the Fielding Students, specifically what issues, questions,
opportunities do you see that would be of interest and utility? Or to put it
another way, What are the Wicked Questions that may have bugged you forever
- and that you just wish somebody would sink their teeth into?


If you will answer online we can all enjoy, and I have cc'd Charles
McClintock at Fielding so your thoughts will be passed along. Or of course
you can contact him directly.




Harrison Owen

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189 Beaucaire Ave. (summer)

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Phone 301-365-2093

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www.ho-image.com (Personal Website)

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