[OSList] OS Hotline reminder - Today! Tuesday, May 27th @ 12pm EDT / 4pm GMT (UTC - 4 hours)

Tricia Chirumbole tricia at mojocollaborative.com
Tue May 27 07:05:30 PDT 2014

Hello all!

A gentle reminder that the OS Hotline is coming up in a few hours today,
Tuesday, May 27th @ 12pm EDT/4pm GMT (UTC - 4 hours)

Please sign up if you'd like to participate: http://bit.ly/1cm8iJN

All thoughts, questions, poems, and listening minds and hearts welcome :)

Accept the osi-us skype invite and @ 12pm EDT - voila, we will include you
in the video chat :)

See you then!

Tricia Chirumbole

Facilitator. Consultant. Champion.

Participant-Driven Engagements/Co-Creative Cultures
Mojo Collaborative

skype: tricia.chirumbole
twitter: @themojozone
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