[OSList] Open Space and Holacracy

Greg Bloom greg.bloom at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 05:54:56 PST 2014

I am just starting to learn about both Open Space and Holacracy, but I
actually think there are some misconceptions in this thread.

Holacracy is *not* a framework in which ruling power is totally distributed
among participants. There's still a head honcho; and at every level below,
there's a group that defines the purpose and exercises authority over its
subsidiary groups. Within that structure, groups are democratic and I
believe self-organizing, etc. But it's very much a hierarchy. More here:

Despite that, it seems to me that Open Space and Holacracy include similar
notions about the world, but one is exploratory and the other is
operational. Perhaps they could be practiced in a complementary fashion, in
a way that relieves some of the pressure of the hierarchy. I'd love to hear
more comparing and contrast.

* gjb <http://flavors.me/gjb> *
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