[OSList] Thank you everyone!

Andrea Chiou andrea.chiou at ascconsultinginc.com
Sun Mar 23 16:39:26 PDT 2014


Thank you each and every one for your responses - all so unique and helpful. With your encouragement I responded to Maryann Panarelli and will hopefully start the conversation this week.  

Lisa ~ thank you for your many tips  and considerations - especially also for your empathy and self-care encouragement.

Dan ~ yes to the belonging feeling and the welcome, it feels good. And I accepted your Meetup invite as I see you will be here in DC next month!

Chuni ~ your thought about youth first and ‘voices’ drowned out by adults grappling with solutions resonates with me. The youth want to speak! I will surely mention this wonderful idea. 

Owen ~ thank you too for your encouragement and offer for lunch which has since become an item on my calendar. Honored, and looking forward to much exchange and learning. And thanks for your humor about Maryland seeming like a foreign country. Perhaps you feel that way after you return from Maine or other interesting places in the world?  For me, well, I grew up there in part, so will feel right at home. (or feel nostalgic, not sure which).  

Skye~ thank you. Will try to connect again with you all on Tuesday.

Eager to see what unfolds. 

Humbled, happy, hopeful,


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