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That sounds good...sounds challenging but you will learn something, and I
hope you will share the story of what happened with us when it's all over.


On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Kári Gunnarsson
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> Dear open spacers at the Oslist
> I am now trying my luck with open space facilitation. I am daring to
> devote 100% of my time to Open Space consultation. I have found a
> handful of people also offering Open Space facilitation and consulting
> around the area and I have found them to be supportive treasures in my
> endeavors.
> Now I have a client that is asking for 70 min open space for 130
> participants as a part of a larger schedule, at the end.  i will try
> to get more time, but for now I will look into miniature Open Space,
> that I will call by a different name so that there will not be any
> confusion on methought. This may sound perhaps a little like Birds of
> a feather methought, but I don't know that meeting methought. if
> someone can elaborate on how I can do that, then it would also be
> nice.
> For the room setup I plan to have paper signs at the breakout spaces
> where breakout host will write there discussion topic and name after
> my introduction and host them right away. I will then hand out
> different color signs while the discussion takes place. and ask people
> that if there is a second- or a brake off discussion to use the new
> color. Ill ask people to feel the passion within and write what they
> have passion for and follow there indication to talk about the
> discussion that needs to take place for there own sake.
> I think I will also use introduce tree of the five principles,
> whenever it starts, whatever happens and when it is over, and also
> mention the law of mobility. But not to have any signs hanging around,
> for I do not have much prep time for the room.
> Now, I am fascinated by documentation after a workshop with Lisa Heft.
> Therefore I have come up a plan (by courtesy of half a bottle of white
> wine and some chocolate) to have some note paper around the room for
> an easy note report where participants can give there reports,
> personal notes, draw pictures or do some topic analyzes using complex
> systems such as mind maps or SWOT analysis. Asking participants to
> write the topic name with the breakout sponsors name along with there
> own name on top of each page. I will then request that permission by
> the participants to have there notes scanned and distributed and say
> something like, "If you accept that, I ask you to leave your notes
> lying around in the breakout areas to be collected after the meeting
> for this purpose". Then I introduce my bells, saying "I plan to sound
> the Tibetan bell in middle of the event (30 or 45 min before the end)
> to remind us to think about our contribution."
> I hope you people here on the list can share with me your thoughts and
> experiences on short open spaces with medium sized groups (130
> people), and what you have done, like if you have done some open space
> variant like the Birds of a feather methought or something else that
> is open and in the spirit of self organization.
> --
> Kári Gunnarsson
> kari.gunnarsson at simnet.is
> gsm: +354 8645189
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