[OSList] how to organize record of proceedings in a 3h1/2 OST format ?

christine koehler chris.alice.koehler at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 01:38:56 PST 2013

hi everybody

As a report of the short OS that took place in December, I would like to
share with you the pictures of this 3h1/2 format :

A small group of women dedicated to politics, of all political sides,
ages,  and experiences, gathered together to think  and suggest solutions
about how to better support women who want to have a career in politics.
Great discussions.

The first question that they asked me was : " does Open Space work so well
like this with men ? " ;-)

Of course they loved the participative format, and severall qualified the
host, a young and beautiful women who has organized this 2 days gathering
that included the half a day OST, as being visionary.

Report was handwritten, I tried Genuis Scan but found not so easy to have
"flat" pdf (ie good images). So I did regular scans once back at my office.
I'll have to learn more from you..

Thank you again for all your suggestions and comments.
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