[OSList] New York, New York...indeed the place to be this weekend

Lisa Heft lisaheft at openingspace.net
Tue Jan 22 15:23:06 PST 2013

Koos - I so delight in those opportunities to share thoughts and  
smiles with you and my other Open Space colleagues in any of these  
face-to-face gatherings around the world.
I am still smiling from seeing you in London last October.
Like a little wellness infusion.

And I look forward to seeing those of you who I know - and those I  
have yet to meet - at the World Open Space on Open Space - which is  
happening this year in Florida USA.

I truly appreciate how being in the worldwide community of Open Space  
facilitators, learners and enthusiasts is a connection to community,  
values and mutual learning.

I will see some of you in Florida in May, and some of you in our  
workshop that happens directly before that.

As Suzanne and Koos and others may know - my mothers' love (she is no  
longer in the physical world), and my father's love (going strong at  
age '89) goes with you. They love what we as a community are doing to  
help individuals, organizations and communities remember, notice,  
articulate, and do everything from designing airplane doors to sharing  
knowledge at industry conferences from a place of dialogue - as we  
trust the people and the process, come from a place of peace, and are  
continuously amazed at how incredible people are...


On Jan 21, 2013, at 11:02 PM, Koos de Heer wrote:

> Thank you for sharing this Suzanne. Having lost both my parents last  
> summer, the things you write about the longing for feeling connected  
> and the deep gratitude for those around us who offer this connection  
> resonate deeply inside of me. This is one of the reasons I just had  
> to go to WOSonOS in October. Indeed, Open Space is a great way of  
> making this connection (which is always there) – how should I say  
> this – tangible, palpable.
> Love
> Koos

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