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Jaime -- never had any experience with succession planning, but when it
comes to families I recall a group of Family Therapists who swore by OS as a
great way to bring sense and order into troubled waters. And the little I do
know about succession planning tells me that the waters are often troubled.
So I would guess you have a match. One thought would be to work with the
largest group of concerned (caring) people that will accept the invitation
to join the circle. That might include employees and others who have a
legitimate connection. They may not be family, but often such people are
almost closer than family and can provide different and "linking" points of
view -- especially if the family itself is in some disarray. 


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Dear OST list,

First of all, a great hug to all of you wishing an excellent year, plenty of
success and new experiences in the ever fascinating world of Open Space.

I have been working in the design of a training seminar about the succession
process within the family business environment. To my surprise, I have found
that a lot of research have been done, especially in the management of the
so called "family component"
which, different from the technical set of circumstances (taxation,
valuation, estate, accounting, etc.) involves a myriad of human relations
and family dynamics topics. Most practitioners in facilitating/counseling
the management of the "family component"
recommend the conformation of two groups: one with the directly involved
family members and a second one with the extended family (which might
include key employees) in order to develop a plan and conduct the subsequent
process through formal and informal gatherings and meetings.

I am sure that most of you have a coincident feeling about the possibility
of using OST to conduct these meetings and am also sure that some of you
have worked in succession processes.

Please let me know about some past experiences in this field. I will we more
than pleased to share my findings with you.

Best regards from rainy and also warm La Paz

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