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Hello, dear OSLIST colleagues: Thank you for sharing this with your  
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and may your work be rich with learning and discovery - Lisa

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Imagine using a dialogue process to...

carry a conversation across a nation in twenty live events
- enable soil, water, environmental and building scientists, engineers  
and researchers to share knowledge across disciplines and geographic  
regions in their passion for sustainability
- help six governmental agencies and their Mozambique partners think  
about how to spend a billion dollars worth of HIV/AIDS funding in  
- invite hundreds of tobacco control advocates, researchers and policy  
makers to share their conflicting points of view (is the end goal safe  
tobacco? elimination of tobacco?) without having to change each other  
or agree
- involve every employee of a global Information Technology division  
in their company's strategic planning process - from the  
administrative assistant to the Chief Technology Officer

Imagine a dialogue process you cannot break by someone standing up and  
going on and on, by someone leaving a discussion, by only one person  
arriving to a breakout session.
But in which you can completely reduce productivity and innovation by  
helping participants during the process.

Hear stories of...

- a client hosting a youth event who wants to stop youth convening  
their own amazing sessions
- 3,000 people engaged in dialogue - resulting in breakthrough  
thinking, intimate conversation and a full record of proceedings
- conflict resolution work in world conflict zones with participants  
facilitating their own discussions
- holding space when all the participants leave (will they return?),  
when the police are approaching to shut the event down, or in the  
middle of a war

All of these are stories of Open Space.
Join us to learn about this dialogue process used around the world.

- - - -

Open Space Learning Workshops 2013
For people of all levels of experience

San Francisco California USA: April 3-5  -and-  December 11-13
St. Petersburg Florida USA: May 14-16
(just before this year's World Open Space on Open Space in St.  

Other dates, cities and countries to be announced.

Facilitated by Lisa Heft
President Emerita, Open Space Institute US
Fellow, Columbia University's Center for International Conflict  

- - - -

You may have heard of Open Space or participated in something called  
Open Space or 'an unconference' and wondered why it did not work - or  
whether it was really this complete and effective form.
Or you may have experienced something that sparked your interest as  
you watched a group self-organize in a highly productive process - and  
wondered if it was this thing called Open Space.

Join me for 2.5 days of mutual learning about preparing for,  
facilitating and supporting productivity and effectiveness in Open  
Together you will explore issues and opportunities in your own work  
with groups, experience an Open Space, and explore all the elements of  
pre-work that support the success of an Open Space event.

Everything from developing a theme to exploring invitation and  
outreach, design, planning, materials, how site, food and other  
elements impact or enhance an Open Space event, why / why not to  
hybridize this particular method, how to include action planning if  
appropriate, 'what-ifs', 'when not to's', participant-driven forms of  
documentation, ideas for the sustainability of ideas, relationships  
and actions post-event, and more.

Pricing - as with all of my workshops - is flexible - custom tailored  
to what you as an individual can contribute and afford.

For more information on content, schedule and pricing overview and to  
Contact me directly at
lisaheft [at] openingspace [dot] net

I look forward to learning with and from you, Lisa

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