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Lisa Heft lisaheft at openingspace.net
Sun Feb 26 16:43:30 PST 2012

Diane - your words resonate with me.

I too believe nobody should have to be certificated or 'blessed' or  
have to come to a workshop to be able to know and do Open Space.
I too find that the workshops are those wonderful opportunity to learn  
in-person with others of diverse experience and insights.

As a learner myself - I thrive more on an experiential learning  
environment than by reading - though I learned so much from the User's  
I learn even more deeply by having begun in a workshop that you  
taught, Harrison - sharing thoughts in person and being with a group  
of richly different thinkers.

So: we all learn in different ways and I love it that only each person  
alone gets to say when they are ready - not some teacher-type.

And about the workshop experience - I do not feel I have to teach  
anything someone can learn from reading or from jumping in and doing.

So besides the experiential learning offered I find that I am teaching  
more of such things as how to support and sustain the ideas and  
momentum created by an Open Space event, how to think about all those  
things in advance that can maximize access and inclusion, stories of  
how Open Space has been used around the world and in different  
settings and for different tasks, how it can be used before or after  
other meeting processes to achieve some particular learning or task  
I also find that people want to come together to share lessons learned  
about working with groups no matter what is the method or process -  
such as how to do invitation as relationship building, how to think  
about the full ecology of an event not just the process, and so on. So  
I find that people enjoy our various workshops because it is also a  
coming together of a community for sharing thoughts and experiences  
about our work with groups.

Your workshop participants are lucky to be so welcome in the knowledge  
they invite from inquiry as well as the wisdom they carry within them,  
Diane, Artur and others,


On Feb 26, 2012, at 3:48 PM, Diane Gibeault wrote:

> An invitation to grow - Arthur you have summed up very well what  
> "training-learning" opportunities are really about in my mind - I  
> will share other ideas on what you mentioned Arthur but before I  
> want to say that I agree with Harrison as well about reading your  
> book or just experiencing OS and then doing it.
> If the concern is that people will perceive that training is  
> required, I agree that it should not be the case. I don't know  
> anyone who offers certification for OS or implies that people must  
> take some training to do OS. If there are some, as you say, what can  
> we do about it other than have this conversation. Invitations I saw  
> are about exploring and going deeper. I personaly encourage people  
> at every OS event I facilitate, to just do OS (no talk of training)  
> - I'll say more in a minute on how but before, a word on why to even  
> consider inviting people to "training-learning" of OS.
> OS is not there, now, or in the foreseeable future for many. They  
> just don't have the chance to experience it. For those people who  
> prefer doing or talking with others as a learning style or who  
> already have a passion for OS from what they read and now want to  
> live it, why not offer the opportunity?  And for those who want to  
> go deeper, why can't they have the chance for face to face  
> collective reflection? We know OS itself is so much richer, face to  
> face. One (reading or living) does not exclude the other (learning  
> with others). It just contributes to make OS known and used by more  
> people. It's about keeping the space open for learning and letting  
> go of people who may not offer learning as we would like it.
> Suzanne, I connect with your feeling of "coming home" when you  
> experienced OS. That is exactly how I felt when I did my training on  
> OST that Harrison lead. I do see at learning events, that many  
> people have a transformative experience of one type or another. It's  
> all a gift and our community keeps on giving it, in a variety of ways.
> Just DO IT - How I encourage participants at any OS event to "just  
> do it": every participant has a one-pager of the principles with a  
> very short line of what they mean as described in the opening, and  
> they have the report form with a few lines about the news room.  
> Before the closing, I say: "You have experienced Open Space, you  
> have the basic tools, you see how important it is to have a theme of  
> real interest, you know about the invitation and the question. Just  
> do it. If you want to know more, there is a good book called OST  
> Users'Guide. " Many do tell me immediately that they will do it with  
> their classroom or their team etc.
> Arthur, CULTIVATING together is a wonderful image! I'm with you.  
> When I invite people to an OS learning event, they first experience  
> OS after having read the book in advance, they reflect together,  
> then go deeper with an OSonOS on their questions some of which are  
> often about how to prepare and how to work with sponsors to increase  
> chances of a more sustained impact. Exploration, story telling and  
> looking at how OS can be an ongoing way of being in organizations  
> and in our lives are all part of the co-learning, Wave Rider  
> included. Participants are also invited - those who wish to on the  
> 3rd day -  to jump right in and do an opening of OS in a small group  
> (like putting on the training wheels on the bicycle right away to  
> break the ice). It's amazing how afterwards, they talk in a  
> different way of the essence of Open Space.
> Their words about the essence of OS are treasures for life.
> Diane

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