[OSList] Video on Open Space with 140 school-girls in Berlin - don't miss to see.....

Jutta Weimar jutta.weimar at web.de
Fri Feb 24 09:02:30 PST 2012

Dear Open Space friends,

last December I facilitated an Open Space with 140 girls (aged 11-16 years)
in the city of Berlin. The topic was about politics and what girls think
about it and what questions they want to ask politicians... Great event.!
Very touching.

And I am happy that a film was produced that is now shown on youtube:

6 girls produced this film!

Of course it is in german but it gives you a glimse on how this girls were
working.. Very much into the process and the topic, they produced 50
report-sheets in 3 break-out sessions..

At the end you see a fish-bowl with local politicians. the questions were

warm regards

Jutta Weimar
Krefelder Str. 22
10555 Berlin
+49 (0)30 76 23 46 10

short video on open space here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UoG24LdU5Q

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